Mulberry packaging in multiple colours



We are continuously assessing and reducing the environmental impact of packaging throughout our supply chain and operations, from in-store carrier bags to supplier deliveries.

Our signature Mulberry Green packaging is made from paper produced in England's Lake District on the banks of the river Kent. The shade was developed with paper merchant G.F Smith - a British specialist with over 130 years' experience.

Our bags use CupCycling, an innovative new recycling process that transforms disposable coffee cups into beautiful paper. In the UK alone over 4,800 disposable cups are used per minute. That's 7 million a day, or 2.5 billion a year, and currently less that 1 in 400 are recycled. Since 2020, over 3.2 million coffee cups are repurposed for Mulberry Green paper that would otherwise be sent to landfill. CupCycling accounts for 20% of our Mulberry Green paper, with 30% from other post-consumer waste and 50% sourced from sustainably managed forests. All additional Mulberry paper and card is FSC certified.

All our customer-facing packaging is now recyclable or reusable, and we are working with our partners and suppliers to eliminate all plastic from Mulberry’s business-to-business operations.