## Stitching & Leather Finishing
Attachments (Leather)
Attachments are the leather panels which attach the D rings to your bag.
Binding is the leather that wraps the edges of your bag to protect it. If this needs repairing we will either re-attach it or replace it with the same leather or the closest match we have.
Re-cover Piping
If a bag has experienced a lot of wear the piping can become exposed. If this happens we can replace the leather. This involves carefully deconstructing the bag to sew in the new piping. This process takes time, so please be patient with our craftspeople. We aim to repair your item with the same leather or the closest match we have.
Stitching, including lining repair
If stitching has come loose or damaged, we will aim to find a matching thread and restitch through the same holes to give your item a new lease of life.
We can re-imprint the Mulberry tree if it has become faint. Currently we are only able to offer this service on the padlock case.
Logo Re-Foiling
We can replace the metallic Mulberry logo on certain styles. Please be aware that due to curvature of the item this service may not be available. Please contact our repairs team to find out if your item is eligible for this service.
We are only able to replace inking on edges that are easily accessible and in good condition. For some handles the edges can be too worn to re-ink. If this is the case we can replace the handles with a matching leather, but this will affect the quote.
Linings Replacement
Due to the different lining types, there are only certain types of lining that can be replaced. To check if your lining can be replaced either take your item into one of our stores or complete our online request form.