Tools of Expression

Tools of Expression

As part of Highsnobiety’s Not In Paris exhibition, we present three short films made in collaboration with Priya Ahluwalia, the award-winning creative director of Ahluwalia. Exploring the cultural conversation around Black hair, the films spotlight three cross-disciplinary talents in an intimate salon setting, in conversation about how their hair frames their personal identity, societal misconceptions around Black hair and how it should continue to be celebrated.

Munroe Bergdorf

For model and activist Munroe, the beauty of Black hair and its creative possibilities are closely tied to gender identity. It is a liberating force that has allowed her to show the world who she is, through a rich cultural practice passed down from previous generations.


The multi-talented musician Enny speaks about the importance of Black hair salons as dynamic cultural centres and a celebration of their communities, intimate spaces within a neighbourhood that preserve the intricate knowledge and skills required to care for Black hair.

Lancey Foux

London-based rapper Lancey’s relationship with his hair celebrates the confidence that a strong personal image can project, moving from discrimination experienced while at school, to marking his unique creative expression through a constant process of playful reinvention.

Mulberry x Ahluwalia

The Mulberry x Ahluwalia capsule collection is the latest in a series of limited-edition Mulberry Editions capsules that celebrate our 50th anniversary.

The collection is inspired by Priya’s fascination with hair as a means of identity, protest and expression, drawing on her mixed Nigerian-Indian heritage - both cultures in which hair holds great importance. It celebrates the artistry, rituals and symbolism of Afro-Caribbean hair and Priya’s own personal narrative, which is brought to life through the capsule’s unique designs.