The Mulberry Exchange

Much as we might like every customer who buys a bag from us to keep it for life and hand it down to the next generation, we also believe that a change or exchange can still be positive for everyone. That’s why we’ve established the Mulberry Exchange to match authenticated and beautifully restored classics with a new owner, ensuring that a humble bag can have many lives.

Handbag in yellow leather with pockets

The Buy Back Programme

You can also have your Mulberry bags authenticated and appraised, with the opportunity to put this value towards a new purchase.

We’re proud to say this innovative suite of services is now available online as well as in our UK stores, where you can make a personal appointment for an appraisal, or to discover the Exchange collection.

Circular and Regenerative

If the day comes that one of our bags really has reached the end of the line, we will still buy it back, and using an innovative energy reclaim system unique to our strategic partner Muirhead, a member of the Scottish Leather Group, power the production of a new bag, ensuring that the line never ends, it just becomes a circle.

Black leather handbag being repaired