Koo Dong Hyun

Koo Dong Hyun

Koo Dong Hyun is a stylist and director of Applixy, a sustainable fashion platform that offers his own curation of beautifully-crafted, preloved pieces from the luxury industry. On the occasion of our Made to Last Manifesto, we explored the themes of resale and sustainability.

Do you think leather is a material of the future?

I think we will keep using leather in the future, just as we have used it since the beginning of mankind, but the appearance of new materials will change the position of leather, which has been unnecessarily overused. I think sustainable leather in the future will be used more preciously, as a high-end material.

Do you think understanding the provenance of something changes how you feel about it?

We now need to face a reality that many people had inadvertently overlooked. We need to think about whether a lot of things that we use have been well-made. On a personal level, there is no way to know the source of all products, but I believe myself and others would always choose products that care about human rights, rights, the environment, and the future. It is a small step, but we are moving forward.

What makes an item worthy of a second life?

The creator’s imagination and the designer’s commerciality. You can’t force people to reuse. I think making everyone want to own and use an object gives it a new value.

Does the world need more bags?

It is necessary. However, what if the proportion of new bags gradually decreases and the proportion of reused and remade products increases, adding new value to the past? Wouldn’t this be the most reasonable change for the world?

How will we shop in 2030?

Online shopping will definitely encroach on the offline market. In particular, the power of individual sellers in the real-time live commerce field will be strong, and brands will increase sales through their live channels. Consumers should focus on how to reduce unnecessary consumption, with a new standard of valuable consumption.

What are the objects you will keep for life and why?

Objects that don’t have any memories attached to them just come and go with different trends. I believe the objects that have a clear meaning will stay with me for life, and continue to be part of unforgettable stories. The things I keep for life will hold my most precious memories.