Haru is the editor-in-chief of HIGH(er), an independent magazine, and also represents HUG, a company with a wide range of activities including producing, video content production, and supporting artists. On the launch of our Made to Last Manifesto, we spoke about extending the lives of our clothing.

Do you think understanding the provenance of fashion items changes how you feel about them?

During my teen years, saving pocket money would only buy me fast fashion, but now that I am making my own money, I choose to support secondhand clothes, brands created by friends, or environmentally friendly clothing.

What changes should the fashion industry make to be more sustainable?

Stop over producing products, and fully protect the human rights of the people involved in making the products.

How do you believe your generation consumes differently than the previous ones?

It is difficult to categorize by generation because consumption behavior has changed significantly, even in these past 10 years. My mother still wears her great-grandmother's kimono and I would like to keep that approach alive, building a connection with the clothes that feel most important to me, as I do human relationships.

What will your generation demand from fashion brands in the future?

Staying creative whilst protecting human rights as well as the environment.

What makes a good handbag?

I usually carry a computer with me so I mostly use a backpack, but I do enjoy the occasional excitement that comes with bringing a handbag on a date, for example. To me, a good handbag is one that can stay mirror my mood and feelings. Of course, I would also like something that has the least possible burden on the environment and the earth.