Living Wage

Living Wage

Mulberry is proud to be a real Living Wage employer, joining a network of businesses across the UK who voluntarily choose to pay all team members a Real Living Wage.

The Real Living Wage is a calculation made on a basket of goods and household services, based on the true cost of everyday needs and living expenses. It is the only wage rate calculated on what is actually needed to live and it is higher than the national minimum wage.

We are also committed to working with our external partners to achieve the same standards, and we have an agreed milestone in place to ensure that even workers who are not directly employed by Mulberry will receive the Living Wage.

On a global scale, we recognise the work of the Global Living Wage Coalition who are developing a living wage benchmark for many countries. We are continuously working with our supply chain to advance worker pay, recognising that we have a role to play in ensuring workers are paid a Living Wage outside of our own business.