## Mulberry Green ### _Our Responsibility Approach is called Mulberry Green, a title that reflects both the brand’s signature colour and our respect for the natural world. It is based on the principle that Mulberry will make a positive difference to its people, the environment and the community in which it works and is focused around materials, manufacturing, product and people._
## Our Material Commitments We believe in responsibly sourcing all raw materials used in the production of Mulberry goods. [Learn More about Materials]( "More about Materials")
## Manufacturing Our overarching aim is to consistently improve our sustainability metrics within our supply chain, from factories to point of sale. [Learn More about Manufacturing]( "More about Manufacturing")
## Made to Last Mulberry is committed to producing quality products that are made to be last, to be loved and then passed on to the next generation. [Learn More about Made To Last]( "More about Product")
## People Our focus is on creating a dynamic and open workplace that complements and supports our local communities. [Learn More about People]( "More about People")
## UN Fashion Industry Charter Mulberry is proud to be a signatory of the [UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action]( In signing up to this charter, we have become part of a unified group from the fashion industry taking holistic action against climate change. We have also set a goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2025, a 25-year improvement on the UN’s suggested target.
## Responsibility Policies & Reports _Click below to download PDFs with more information._