How To Build A Bag

The Alexa Chung and Mulberry story has been unfurling for over a decade. Rewind to 2010 when we spotted her carrying one of our Elkington briefcases. Inspired by Alexa’s eclectic style and her unexpected way of remixing this classic, we created the Alexa bag in her honour. That bag went on to become a worldwide phenomenon.

Today a successful designer in her own right, when it came to planning our 50th anniversary celebrations, we wanted to invite Alexa to design her own capsule. The resulting collection, which stars two designs – the Big Guy and Little Guy – is a natural and meaningful evolution of our friendship and captures Alexa’s distinctive approach to style.

"When Mulberry told me they wanted me to put my own stamp on the Alexa, I thought it was a great, quite rare opportunity. Although it was really flattering to have been the inspiration the first time around it was at a point in my life when I was more of a muse to people, I never expected to be invited to actually design my own Mulberry bag, which is really a dream come true. This collection completes the circle. The first Alexa was named after me, but getting to interpret it in my own way – to really make it Alexa’s Alexa – is even better."