The Portobello

The Portobello

The original Portobello was our first 100% sustainable leather bag, with a simple shape inspired by a single-use plastic bag.

The Portobello family features beautiful, streamlined totes across a range of sizes adapted for everyday life, from travelling light with the Small to carrying it all with the Oversized option.

Their utilitarian shape that recalls the ultimate throwaway object - the single-use plastic bag - but the Portobello family is truly made to last. The silhouette is crafted at our carbon neutral Somerset factories, showcasing the beauty of environmentally accredited leather.

Responsible innovation is the foundation of our creativity. We design and make for today's lifestyles and better futures. We believe products should be used and loved, repaired not replaced. This ethos is carried through the way we design, source, manufacture and maintain our products through our sustainability commitments.