## Mulberry Green Mulberry Green is our signature brand colour and the name we give to our responsibility commitments past, present and future. We see these as a perpetual work in progress, striving to create positive change and build a sustainable legacy through the care and attention we take in designing, sourcing, manufacturing and maintaining our products.
## Sourcing We are committed to the responsible sourcing of all raw materials used in the production of Mulberry goods, coupled with an innovative and imaginative approach to introducing new, sustainable materials within our ranges. [Learn More]( "More")
## Manufacturing We are committed to consistently improving the sustainability metrics of our supply chain. Approximately 50% of our bags are made in Somerset, England across our carbon-neutral factories. In 2020 they will receive Zero Waste to Landfill certification. [Learn More]( "More")
## Repairs Our world class care and repairs centre, based in our Somerset factories, holds leather and component pieces from the past 35 years and is home to some of our most skilled artisans. [Learn More]( "More")
## People Mulberry’s focus is on maintaining a dynamic and open workplace that complements and supports our local communities. This encompasses our design studios in central London along with our Somerset factories, home to our craftspeople and training apprentices in Leather Goods Manufacturing since 2006. [Learn More]( "More")
## UN Fashion Industry Charter Mulberry is proud to be a signatory of the [UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action]( In signing up to this charter, we have become part of a unified group from the fashion industry taking holistic action against climate change. We have also set a goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2025, a 25-year improvement on the UN’s suggested target.
## Responsibility Policies & Reports _Click below to download PDFs with more information._