Care & Repairs


Mulberry items carry a 12-month guarantee from the original date of purchase. If within this period, you detect a fault your item will be repaired or if necessary, replaced free of charge (an original proof of purchase will be required.)

If you have any further questions about Mulberry's repairs service, please contact Customer Repairs on +44 (0) 1749 822 131 or

Material care

Mulberry uses many different types and styles of leather for its bags and accessories. The leather used is of the highest quality, and from reputable, ethical sources.

All of our patterns are unique and designed in-house.

Different leathers age in different ways and some are more delicate than others. Some people love their bags to acquire a vintage, used look and some don't - both are fine! But if you understand how Mulberry leathers age and how they should be cared for then you will be able to choose one that suits you and your requirements.

  • Natural leathers are left untreated for a pure finish, and can vary in shade and texture.
  • Care should be taken to avoid rubbing delicate, smooth or patent leathers against rough or sharp surfaces to minimise scratching.
  • Should your product get wet, please remove any residual water immediately with a paper towel, pack loosely with paper and allow it to dry naturally.

Do you have a specific question about the material care?

Please give us a call:
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