## Manufacturing We believe that craft skills should be celebrated and safeguarded for future generations. At our Somerset factories we combine traditional techniques with the latest technology to minimise waste and optimise material usage. Our UK factories support up to 50% of our leather bag production. Our UK operations became carbon neutral in 2019, and we are targeting to achieve this globally by 2025.
### Somerset factories achieving Zero Waste to Landfill certification in 2020
* Our factories also utilise the latest technologies to optimise material usage and reduce wastage. * We have high ethical and environmental standards that we expect our global partners and suppliers to uphold, that we set out in our [Global Sourcing Principles]( * We work closely with our suppliers to ensure these standards are being met and carry out frequent audits through Mulberry and external auditors. * For SS20 66% of our finished goods factories achieved a 100% Mulberry Gold standard in quality and social audits and our target is 100% by AW21. * We are aiming to eliminate all single use virgin plastic from our supply chain
### All customer packaging kerbside recyclable by SS21
* Our 2019 stationery is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. * In 2020 CupCycling™ was introduced into our Mulberry green paper products, including carrier bags and boxes. CupCycling™ combines recycled coffee cups, post-consumer waste and wood from sustainably managed forests to create new paper products. * For SS20 44% of our customer facing packaging is kerbside recyclable and we aim to increase this to 100% by SS21. * We are also aiming to eliminate all virgin plastic from our supply chain.
You can view our full [Global Sourcing Principles]( and learn more about Mulberry’s Approach in our [California Transparency Act]( and [Modern Slavery Act]( statements.