Low Impact Materials

Low Impact Materials

Mulberry collections are free from virgin nylon, which we have replaced with a sustainable alternative: the innovative ECONYL® fibre. ECONYL® is a durable and lightweight regenerated nylon crafted from fishing nets and other salvaged waste. It can be remoulded and recycled again and again, creating a closed loop regeneration process.

Our heritage Scotchgrain material has been a key part of collections for decades, and we’re proud to say it is now sustainably crafted with innovative Bio-Synthetic materials. This eco-friendly material repurposes inedible cereal waste to recreate the same hard-wearing, lightweight characteristics of our cult-status luggage.

We feature bio-acetate frames in our eyewear collection. This biodegradable and recyclable cellulose material is gained from renewable resources such as seed fibres derived from cotton, and wood fibres derived from conifers and deciduous trees. The sunglasses also feature nylon bio-lenses, a material derived from the castor plant.

We’ve set a goal of using only sustainably sourced cotton in our collections by 2025. As signatories of the Textile Exchange’s Sustainable Cotton Challenge, we pledge to source this cotton through organic and recycled sources, or through our Better Cotton membership, the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world. Their aim is to make Better Cotton a viable mainstream commodity, ensuring the sustainable production of a cotton that is better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.