Does Mulberry offer a warranty for new purchases?

Items purchased through, one of our stores, or authorised stockists all have a 12-month guarantee from the date of purchase. Whilst a manufacturing fault is rare, this will cover any that may arise. The care card that came with your item will also outline this. After this time, our Lifetime Service Centre is available to you, however the repair work will be charged.

How will I know how long it will take?

When completing a repair return in store or via, you will be provided with a guideline of the timeframe. As each repair differs depending on the complexity, once your item has been assessed by our experts, an official confirmation of timeline will be provided in your quotation.

How do I return something?

If you are in the UK, you can return an item through any of our Mulberry standalone, outlet, or concession stores. You can also send your item directly to us. For more information about sending directly, please contact If you are outside of the UK, please contact us before sending an item, so we can guide you through the process.

Why are repairs chargeable?

We are continually developing and improving the quality and skill set within our Lifetime Service Centre department, as well as supporting the third parties that we work with. As part of our continued investment, we want to maintain the highest standards of manufacture, raw materials, and social responsibility. As such, we review our prices with material, labour, and shipping costs in mind when charging for any repair work we are carrying out. This is why repair work is chargeable.

Can I just get a component sent out?

In some instances, we can do this, but for others we cannot as specific artisanal work is required to ensure the correct component is used during the repair. If you have a question about a component, please and we will be happy to advise we can send a part to you. 

Is there a warranty on the repair work?

Yes. There is a 12-month warranty on any work that has been completed. Any additional work required outside of what has been repaired will remain chargeable.

How do I pay for my repair?

This will depend on how you have returned your item. If you have visited one of our Mulberry stores, our Experience Experts will be able to guide you through the payment process. If you have returned your item directly, the Lifetime Service Centre will ask for payment once the repair work has been completed and your item is ready to be despatched.

If I don't want to have my bag repaired, is there any other services you offer?

Yes. The Mulberry Exchange is a great alternative to having your item repaired. For more information about this service, please click here.

If I decide not to go ahead with the quote, what happens next?

If you don’t want to go ahead, we will be more than happy to return your item to you. This will either be directly via one of our chosen carriers, or to the store you originally visited for pick-up.

How will my item be returned once it has been repaired?

Once your item has been repaired, we will contact you for payment (if applicable). Your item will either be delivered directly to you using one of our chosen carriers, or back to the store you returned it through. From there you can decide if you want to visit to pick up, or arrange with the store team for a private delivery.

If I have any questions throughout the repair, who do I contact?

If you returned your item via one of our stores, your main point of contact will be your in-store Experience Expert. If you returned an item directly, our Customer Care team will be able to answer your questions. Our contact email is