Can a bag save the world?

On our 50th anniversary, we launch the Mulberry Made to Last Manifesto, a series of bold commitments that lay out our actions for change.

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Can you teach an old bag new tricks?

No matter how wild a life your Mulberry bag has had, our Repairs team are masters of restoration, so it can live on in style.

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What's your beef with leather?

For fifty years Mulberry and leather have gone hand in hand, but as we celebrate our golden jubilee we are asking ourselves is leather really Made to Last? We think the answer is yes, but only if we build our future on the foundations of regenerative agriculture and local low carbon production.

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Can you make a blue bag green?

We believe green really is the new black, so we are pioneering a local low carbon supply chain based on regeneration and circularity to make sure all our bags are ‘green’ no matter their colour.

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Can a bag be transparent?

If it’s a Mulberry bag then yes, because we’re committed to knowing every person, every animal, every plant and every mineral that goes into making a Mulberry product and to treating every part of the natural world with equal respect.

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Wilson Oryema

The co-founder of Regenerative Futures takes a considered approach to living and creative sustainably.

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Andrew and Robert Brewster

The regenerative farming innovators spoke to us about the importance of building transparency from the ground up.

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Deba Hekmat

When it comes to the Gen Z wardrobe, the model believes made to last means imbued with meaning.

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Dr Warren Bowden

An environmentalist and leather chemist, Dr Bowden is making leather an innovatively “green” material.

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Gizzi Erskine

The restauranteur discusses her personal experience of local, holistic farming and its role in leather quality.

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The Mulberry Repairs Team

Our Somerset repairs team are experts are repairing, renovating and extending the lives of our customers’ treasured bags.

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The Mulberry Exchange

Much as we might like every customer who buys a bag from us to keep it for life and hand it down to the next generation, we also believe that a change or exchange can still be positive for everyone.

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