Privacy Policy

Personal data collected by Mulberry

Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., establishes and makes the following privacy policy public in order to proactively protect the personal information of clients collected pursuant to Article 30 of Personal Information Protection Act and facilitate the processing of clients’ complaints pertaining thereto.

 1. Personal information items collected and collection methods


Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., processes the following personal information:

     Information generated or collected while utilizing online services

(1)   Website signup and account creation stages

- Compulsory items: Position, name, country, email address (used as ID), password

- Optional items: Date of birth, gender, telephone number

(2)   Product purchasing stage

- Compulsory items: Position, gender, appellation, title, email, invoicing and postal address (city/province, city/county/town, post code included) method of payment, mobile phone/landline, purchase information (exchanges, refunds, repairs included) (Should you purchase items as a registered client, the above details will be automatically uploaded).

(3) Newsletter subscription

- Compulsory items: Email address, name, collections of interest (gender) 

- Optional item: Date of birth

(4) Shop pick-up appointment

- Compulsory items: Name, email address, telephone number, order number

     Information collected by the customer help centre

- Purpose of collection: Client registration, responding to enquiries over the phone and email, product purchase information, product and shop pick-up enquiry information
- Compulsory: Name, mobile phone number, email address

     Information automatically collected via accessing the website: Mulberry operates computer systems that collect IP addresses, cookies, MAC addresses, service use history, visit history, inappropriate use history and other information.

     Clients may choose not to store cookies by selecting the relevant settings in the web browser. Furthermore, a client may require Mulberry to obtain advance consent prior to collecting cookies from the client’s web browser and may decline to provide cookies.


     Additionally, Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., may obtain information about the client as a result of client authentication and identification procedures. (As an example, Mulberry may ask the client to present an ID card, order confirmation note, credit card used for a purchase, when picking up in store a product purchased online. The above information is used to identify the client, process the order, provide products and services and process payments, etc., but Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., does not retain such information.

Reasons for collecting personal data

Sharing of personal data

3. Provision of personal information to a third party


Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., processes personal information of information owners only within the scope specified by the collection and intended use of personal information of Paragraph 1, and provides personal information to a third party only when the information owner agrees or is otherwise allowed by relevant laws, such as requirements under special provisions of laws.

1) Personal information recipients: local subsidiaries, global partners, customer management providers, data cleaning providers or marketing firms

2) Intended use of personal information by the recipients: Email, mobile phone number, address, home telephone number, gender, date of birth, anniversaries, marital status

3) Retention and usage period of recipients: 10 years

Transfers of personal data outside the UK and/or European Economic Area


4. Commissioning of personal information processing

Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., commissions personal information processing work in order to facilitate personal information processing as follows:

Commissioning within Korea

Entrusted entities

Commissioned work

Information provided

Ilyang Couriers

Product delivery service

Delivery information such as name, address, telephone number, etc.

Commissioning outside of Korea

Entrusted entities

Commissioned work

Information provided


Credit card payments

Name, email address, invoicing address, purchasing amount, card details.


Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., when entering into a commissioning agreement, specifies in contracts or other documents responsibilities such as prohibition of personal information processing except for the purpose of conducting commissioned work, technical and management protection measures, sub-commissioning restrictions, management and supervision of entrusted entities, and damage compensation. It also supervises the processing of personal information pursuant to relevant laws by the entrusted entities.

Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., will publish changes without delay through this personal information processing policy without any delay if the details of commissioning or entrusted entities change.

5. Rights & duties of information owners and legal representatives and methods of exercise thereof

     The information owner may, at any time, exercise the personal information protection rights of the following sub-paragraphs with respect to Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd.:

     Exercising of rights with respect to Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., can be done via a written request, email, fax, etc., and Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., will act upon it without any delay.

     Exercising of rights according to Paragraph 1 can be done by a proxy such as a legal representative of the information owner or a person with power of attorney, etc. In this case, Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., may demand evidence to prove the status of the legal representative.

      As for a demand to correct and delete personal information, the client may not be able to demand to delete it in case other laws specify that such personal information is subject to collection.  


     Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., shall identify whether the person who demands access, correction, deletion, stop to process, is the person himself/herself or a rightful proxy.  


Security of personal data

6. Measures securing the safety of personal information


Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., takes actions for securing the safety of personal information as follows:

     Minimisation of staff handling personal information and training,

Designation of staff handling personal information, minimising the staff in charge, implementing policy managing personal information,

     Establishment and implementation of internal management plan

We establish and implement internal management plan for processing personal information safely.

     Technical countermeasure against hacking, etc.

Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., installs security programs to prevent leakage and damage of personal information by hacking, computer viruses, etc., and updates and monitors them regularly, installs systems within restricted areas by external access, and monitors and blocks technically and physically.

     Encryption of personal information

Separate security features are used for personal information, such as encrypting, storing and manging user passwords so that only the user knows it and encoding files and transfer data for important data, using file locking features, etc.

     Retention of access histories and prevention of counterfeiting & forgery

We store and manage access records to personal information processing system for at least over 6 months, and also use a security feature to stop counterfeiting & forgery, theft and loss of access records.  

     Restricting access to personal information

We put necessary measures in place for access control to personal information via granting access authority, changing and expunging the database system processing the personal information, and control unauthorised access from outside by using infiltration blocking systems.

     Use of lock-up device for document security

We store documents containing personal information, secondary storage medium, etc. in a secure place under lock and key.

     Access restriction to unauthorised personnel

We have a physical warehouse storing personal information separately and establish and operate access control procedure for it  


7. Personal information retention and usage periods

Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., processes and retains personal information within personal information retention and usage periods for which consent is given upon collection of personal information from the information owner or in accordance with rules and regulations.  


Each personal information processing and retention period is as follows:

Basis for retention: Commercial Act

    Records regarding creditability information collection/processing and usage, etc.: 3 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)

    Records as regards addressing consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)

    Records as regards settlement of payments and supply of goods, etc.: 5 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)

    Records as regards cancellation of a contract or subscription: 5 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)

    Records about visits to the website: 3 months (Protection of Communications Secrets Act)

    Personal information as regards newsletter services: Until subscription to services is cancelled

    Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., deals with dormant members as follows pursuant to Article 29 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilisation and Information Protection, etc. and Article 16 of Enforcement Ordinance.

- Standard of non-use: As of a login date as to our service

- Validity 1 year

- Processing personal information of a dormant member: Action of separating and storing

- Information of separating and storing: Membership details, etc.

- Account activation: Carry out action of account activation as per request of a customer

Personal data and your rights


8. Disposal of personal information and its method

Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., disposes of personal information without delay when personal information is rendered unnecessary such as expiry of the personal information retention period, achieving the goal of processing, etc.

Despite the fact that the personal information retention period that the information owner consented, has passed or the goal of processing has achieved, in cases where personal information must be retained continuously pursuant to relevant rules and regulations, we transfer personal information to a separate database (DB) or store it in a separate warehouse.

     The personal information disposal procedure and method are as follows:

1. Disposal procedure
Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., selects personal information requiring disposal and disposes of personal information with an approval of the privacy protection manager. 


2. Disposal method
Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., deletes the records of personal information recorded and stored in the form of electronic files so that cannot be retrieved, and disposes personal information recorded and stored in the form of paper documents by shredding with a shredder or by incineration.



9. Collection of personal information by cookies

Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., website uses cookies that automatically collect and store personal information from customers. 
Customers have a choice as to installation of cookies. By setting options in the web browser, customers can allow all the cookies, check every time cookies stores something, or reject all the cookies storing anything.
Customers have a choice as to installation of cookies. By setting options in the web browser, customers can allow all the cookies, check every time cookies stores something, or reject all the cookies storing anything.
Customers can check details of the cookies policy of Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd. (Cookies Policy | Mulberry)


11. Changes of personal information processing policy

This personal information processing policy shall apply from 23 August 2021. In case that personal information processing policy changes, Mulberry Korea Co., Ltd., shall notify changes to the clients in accordance with the requirements of the relevant rules and regulations of Personal Information Protection Act, etc.>