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The My Library series discovers the books loved by the people we meet. Co-founder and San Francisco editor of Remodelista, Sarah Lonsdale shares hers.


We came across a beautiful series of stories on Remodelista celebrating books, the craft behind them and how they influence people’s lives. We thought Sarah would be an ideal person to add her own voice to our library collection.

Celebrating books with Remodelista

The books on Sarah’s day-to-day radar are design books, and she has chosen to photograph the ones she has on her bookshelf and bedside table. “The downside of being a blogger is that I don’t read as many novels as I used to, I tend to cram them in over holidays.”

“We’ve been writing about houses and homes at Remodelista for over six years now and over this time it has really made me think about the meaning of home. Designer Ilse Crawford’s book Home is Where the Heart is, is a thoughtful look at the subject laying out the essentials for a well designed nurturing environment.

Last year Sarah worked on several shoots with foraging friend Louesa Roebuck, who creates dramatic over-sized installations with foraged flora, which brought flower books to her attention. “I never get too excited about most flower books but Bringing Nature Home by photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo and Nicolette Owen of Brooklyn’s Little Flower School is an exception. They have poetically captured seasonal flowers in domestic settings in a way that makes it easy to emulate (or at least the appearance of doing so).”

Sarah has also been enjoying niche magazines such as Apartamento, but Kinfolk remains a favourite. “It has a clean layout, dreamy photography and homespun prose.”

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