British Manufacturing

We are proud to be the largest manufacturer of luxury leather goods in the UK.

Our past


We have been making leather goods in Somerset, England since 1971. It started at a kitchen table, where our founder, Roger Saul, made the first Mulberry leather belts and has evolved over the decades into one factory, then two.


Our two British factories are called The Rookery, based in Chilcompton, and The Willows, in nearby Bridgwater. The Rookery was opened in 1989 with 100 employees, and was named after the rooks’ nests in the surrounding buildings.


The Willows opened in 2013, named after the nearby Willow Man sculpture and the area’s history of willow basket making. Over 320 new British jobs were created with the opening of the second factory.


Our present


Although not all manufacturing is in the UK, we have worked hard to bring back production and we now make 50% of all leather bags in England.


We strive to make our factories centres of excellence, promoting the highest levels of craftsmanship and quality.


We use a modern approach to production and invest in training our people and giving the latest and best equipment and materials. Our skilled and flexible production team is a unique asset.

Our future


We want to make sure that our British manufacturing legacy is protected well into the future.


Since 2006 we have run an apprenticeship scheme in conjunction with a local college in Somerset to train young students in Leather Goods Manufacturing.


Over the years the programme has been a resounding success, with 84 apprentices graduating and most still working with the company.

The Mulberry apprenticeship scheme is training the next generation of British craftsmen and women.

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