Women Of Silicon Valley No.1

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There’s no inspiration like sunny skies and semiconductor chips. At least not for the brilliant women who live and work in the heart of Silicon Valley.

We sat down with some women who are helping shape the world’s most beloved tech products and services, while maintaining their sense of personal style in a male-dominated industry. They share their inspirations, and how their taste is shaped by the unique culture of their industry.

Mulberry meets Jenna Boule, Marketing Manager at Apple.

By Mariana Lin

Where did you live before coming to California?
I grew up in Washington state, so the Pacific Northwest. My home style is still very influenced by that area – Pendleton blankets, Native American inspired designs.

How would you describe your style?
I wear classic, almost androgynous styles, like boxy sweaters and boy jeans. But I also like vintage jewellery and vintage dresses. My style has always been about finding a balance between the feminine and masculine.

How do you adapt your style for the workplace?
I work in the education group at Apple. Both my parents were teachers, and I have a passion for education and technology. My style has always been more modest, like boxy or tunic shapes. So it’s a comfortable transition to the workplace.

What music do you listen to?
My favorite albums, that make for amazing soundtracks for our California adventures, would be Joni Mitchell’s Blue, or Chet Baker’s My Funny Valentine. We always have those two playing in the background when we have friends over for dinner or drive to the next weekend getaway.

How has California influenced your style?
I’ve been forced more to think about style here. I’m not dressing for the elements as much as I was living in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve enjoyed exploring all the incredible boutiques and vintage stores in the San Francisco area, like The Other Shop, Painted Bird and Wasteland.

What inspires you about California?
I love how incredibly beautiful Northern California is. You have the wine country, breathtaking beauty of the coast, incredible forests and mountains, and all that San Francisco has to offer as a city. I’m inspired by how easy it is to have wonderful adventures, just by driving an hour in any direction.

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