Women Of Silicon Valley No.2

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There’s no inspiration like sunny skies and semiconductor chips. At least not for the brilliant women who live and work in the heart of Silicon Valley.

We sat down with some women who are helping shape the world’s most beloved tech products and services, while maintaining their sense of personal style in a male-dominated industry. They share their inspirations, and how their taste is shaped by the unique culture of their industry.

Mulberry meets Morin Oluwole, Business Lead to VP, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook.

By Mariana Lin

Where did you live before coming to California?
I grew up in Nigeria. I’ve lived in London and in New York City.

What brought you to Silicon Valley?
I was working for Facebook in New York, and there was an opening to work in the headquarters in Palo Alto. I had never lived in Northern California before, and embraced the opportunity.

How do you navigate the workplace?
You have to learn how men think, how they function, how they communicate. But I don’t let it change me. I use this understanding to build confidence.

How would you describe your personal style?
I’m very dressed up for California. I embrace glamour; fur, embellishment, lots of jewellery. I wear a lot of colour, rich jewel shades look good on my skin tone. I tend toward more European and structured styles. I am almost always overdressed for an event, but I don’t mind. In my opinion, there’s more to notice.

What is your style in the workplace?
I prefer a dress or skirt rather than pants [trousers]. I wear a blazer almost every day. The campus is large, and walking from one end to another for a meeting can take a long time, so comfortable shoes are a must, even if they’re high.

What inspires you about California?
There’s a sense of positive calm that the California vibe provides. I think it’s a combination of fresh vegetables and clean air plus the combination of progressive thinking that makes for a great environment.

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