Spinning A Yarn

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To celebrate National Knitting Week we want to introduce the women behind Mulberry knitwear pieces, from Scottish design house Eribe.


The Eribe knitwear design house was responsible for finding the talented women who hand-knitted the thick, sheep’s wool pieces from our Autumn Winter 2012 Catwalk Collection. The knit pattern is a combination of Intarsia and Fairisle, with six unique yarns making up the final design. Each zigzag alone can take several hours to knit. ‘Certainly not something a beginner could tackle’ is how Margaret describes it when we met her to discuss her work.

We are proud supporters of British craft and the unsung heroes who keep traditional crafts alive. Eribé have approximately 100 knitters working from their own homes, keeping the centuries-old practice of hand-knitting thriving in an age of technology and machine-production.

Eribe Design House

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