Mulberry Mackintosh

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Mulberry is delighted to announce a new collaboration with British heritage outerwear brand Mackintosh for an exclusive Mulberry Mackintosh coat. We visited the Mackintosh factory near Glasgow to see the intricate manufacturing techniques in action and watch a Mulberry Mackintosh being made.


The iconic Mackintosh cloth, created by Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh, originated in the nineteenth century, created to provide better outerwear protection for those travelling in rainy Britain. The rubberised Mackintosh has been produced using the same process since 1823, each garment carefully made by skilled craftsmen who serve a three-year apprenticeship to perfect the techniques required.

The Mulberry Mackintosh keeps to the classic design of the original practical style, with the addition of Mulberry flower lock buttons. The Mulberry Mackintosh also features Mulberry Heritage Check detachable merino lining, produced exclusively in a traditional Scottish mill.

A second Mulberry Mackintosh, the ‘Dotty’ Mackintosh, is exclusively available at NET-A-PORTER.COM.

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