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Nothing makes us happier than supporting home-grown manufacturing, which is why we are delighted to highlight the story of Johnstons of Elgin, the historic mill behind much of our beautiful cashmere and fine wool.

Established in 1797 and nestled deep in the heart of the Scottish countryside, Johnstons weaves the finest cashmere and wool in the land, using centuries-old expertise.
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The secret behind Johnstons craft starts very simply with soft Scottish water – taken from the nearby river Lossie – and ends with the pride and care of the local craftsmen, whose knowledge has been passed down through the generations. Using both traditional and modern techniques, every part of the production process is overseen with precise attention to detail, from sourcing the rarest wool fibers to spinning, weaving, milling and dying all under one British roof.

Johnstons of Elgin takes pride in every thread, every twist, every yarn and every stitch. The mill was responsible for first producing our Heritage Check cashmere, and has been responsible for crafting a number of our signature scarves for many, many years.

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