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We’re delighted to announce an exclusive creative collaboration with British supermodel Cara Delevingne.

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Cara worked closely with our design team to create a collection of bags. She visited the archives, chose leathers, sketched ideas, discussed customers’ practical needs and the trend for understated elegance. Cara determined each element of the design, from the right straps and buckles to the combination of Mulberry’s signature hardware and her own finishing touches.

The Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bag is a three-in-one style, uniting Mulberry’s English attitude to functional beauty and Cara’s inimitable personality – a bag that can take you anywhere. It can be worn on the back: for running from the gym to the office, from meeting to meeting, from train to plane. It can be worn on the shoulder: to take you from work to dinner or from town to country. It can be hand-held: for maximum elegance at all times or when you need to rise to an occasion.

The collection was revealed as part of London Fashion Week at our ‘Fashion Week home’, the iconic Claridge’s hotel. The Ballroom was transformed into a romantic vision of the English countryside, with mist inspired by the rolling hills of Mulberry’s home in Somerset. The walls were lined with silver birch trees, and Cara was revealed on a bespoke swing before showcasing her creation accompanied by a pack of grey whippets!

The set was devised and realised by renowned production designer Michael Howells. Michael is well known for designing numerous fashion sets and is equally acclaimed for his work on leading British film and television productions. Michael is the Associate Designer at Rambert and won the first Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator from the British Fashion Council.

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