Mulberry Visits Cornbury Park

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To celebrate the launch of our Spring Brights collection
we visited the beautiful Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire for a shoot with Lady Tania Rotherwick, step-daughter Harriette, son Gus and daughter Clemmie, as well as Buzz the Jack Russell.


Cornbury Park is the family home of Lord and Lady Rotherwick. Originally a royal hunting lodge, the estate includes some 1,700 acres of the most ancient forest in Britain, and this beautiful Cotswold setting is also home to the award-winning Wilderness festival – and the perfect setting to showcase our new Dorset Tote collection.

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“It’s a privilege to live in such a beautiful place” Lady Rotherwick tells us. “And Wilderness is my favourite thing in the whole whole world – it’s a fantastic, fantastic festival!”

The Wilderness festival is a proper celebration of the arts and makes the most of of the stunning Cornbury landscape; the lakes, the forest, the trees, the entire space. “The Wilderness team is the most inspirational team – they are so nice, wholly professional, and incredibly creative. My son Gus makes sure he is very involved in the artistic side of things – he’s always backstage! It’s by far our favourite weekend of the year, I fill the house full to bursting – we are fully immersed in it from start to finish.”

Step-daughter Harriette adds: “It’s incredible: when the festival comes it feels like anything could happen! It’s a real mix of people and there are so many interesting things going. By the time everyone has pitched their tents it looks like a completely different place, even I get lost walking around!”

With busy lives lived between London and Cornbury Park, what is the preferred handbag style of the Rotherwick ladies? Youngest daughter Clemmie might not yet be in demand of a bag, but Harriette certainly needs hers day to day. “I work in interior design at Chelsea Harbour – it’s so nice to be able to work in such a creative space, work with sketches, fabrics etc, but it does mean I carry a huge amount of stuff in my bag – you might even find a lampshade in there!”

Her step-mother has a more edited style: “I carry mostly just my essentials, I can be quite organised! I have the Mulberry Primrose in Taupe which I love – it works with every outfit and is a great size. But I love the colours of the Dorset – the Queen Green looked beautiful against the park and the daffodils!”

Even Buzz the dog seemed to approve of the style, posing in the Bluebell Blue version like a true Mulberry model. Lady Rotherwick and the children also took us to the ancient forest, where ribbons are strung from branches and wrapped around trunks, detritus from last year’s Wilderness.

“Even after 14 years there isn’t a single day that I drive up to Cornbury Park without being wowed by its beauty – it really is very special. The deer in the deer park give it this magical, majestic vibe, I see them every day but it still takes my breath away.”

Cornbury Park

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