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We spoke to model Cara Delevingne backstage at Claridge’s before our Autumn Winter 2013 show.

Catching Up With Cara Delevingne

If you could be anywhere in five minutes, where would it be?
Oh, a desert island, just lying on the sand, in the sun and scuba diving.

How do you pass the time backstage at a show?
Probably almost asleep – generally trying to zone out for a bit while someone holds my head up! Or talking to friends, catching up with what the other girls are doing.

What are you currently reading?
I’m currently reading Just Kids by Patti Smith.

Which song makes you happy?
Ooo, that’s so hard. I want to say I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan. [sings the chorus] yes, that one!

What skill would you like to acquire in five minutes?
To be able to speak another language, maybe Chinese. I would say to be able to play more instruments but I already play the drums, the guitar, the bass, the piano…

What’s your favourite English thing?
A red double decker bus. So iconic. Or a crumpet! I love a crumpet.

What’s the most interesting thing in your handbag?
Maybe my Polaroid camera?

This was your first time walking for Mulberry…
I am so happy to walk for Mulberry. I love the handbags so much. They’re my failsafe bag, I’m not the kind of person to change my bag every day, and so I need something that works. Always Mulberry. I love them. I also have a very cool pair of Mulberry trainers which I love, they’re the best.

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