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We are such great fans of the British luxury hotel Claridge’s in London. Loved by local regulars and international guests alike, the hotel is full of stories from its rich heritage as one of the grand hotels of our capital city.


We have hosted Mulberry shows at Claridge’s for the last few years, starting with our salon presentations for Spring Summer 2010. When the shows became bigger, Claridge’s still felt a natural choice and twice a year we move into our ‘second home’ for the duration of our London Fashion Week show day.

We asked the Claridge’s team to share some facts about their hotel:

The hotel was bought by Mr and Mrs Claridge in 1854, receiving the ultimate accolade in 1860 when Queen Victoria visited Claridge’s to see her friend Empress Eugenie of France.

In 1929 Oswald Milne, a pioneer of the art deco movement, was invited to modernise the hotel. The entrance was transformed into an elegant lobby with the glamorous mirrors and ‘leaping deer’ lamps which remain today. Much of the original furniture, lighting and decoration from this time remains and it is this heritage which gives Claridge’s its reputation as a Mayfair art deco jewel.

During the Second World War Claridge’s became a haven for exiled royalty and heads of state. After the war, in 1947, just before the wedding of the then Princess Elizabeth, a harassed diplomat telephoned the hotel and asked to speak to the King. “Certainly sir,” was the response, “but which one?”

When American icon Katharine Hepburn stayed she was reminded that the dress code of the day was that ladies should not wear trousers in lobby, so she simple chose to use the staff entrance instead.

For over 100 years Claridge’s has been known for its famous Afternoon Tea. Today, Claridge’s serves a huge choice of over thirty different types of tea, and even has its own blend – CLaridge’s Royal.

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